Dauntless Review – Is it a copy of Monster Hunter?

Dauntless is a great monster killing game that is free to play. Some will say that it’s more fun than the other similar game without the extra fuss that comes along with pay to play.

Dauntless main concept is to slay all day. You won’t find a long narrative story line that must be follow while playing. From the beginning of the game, you will be put in the wild to slay creatures and monsters.

When you kill a monster, you collect crafting items that you use to make stronger weapons and armor. In this platform, you will see that there are many different types of elemental monsters that are weak against their counter element. In order to make those elements, you must kill the monsters whose element is the one you are trying to attain. For example, if you kill a fire monster, you can create fire weapons/armor to take down monsters who are weak against fire. This holds true for all other elemental monsters.

The more specific type of elemental monster you kill, the higher your mastery becomes which in turn, allows you to make even stronger items and upgrades that can be unlocked for a specific elemental class.

Dauntless Weapons

Dauntless - Weapons

There are six types of weapons that can be upgraded and customized to your own liking. This includes Swords, Axes, Hammers, Chain Blades, War Pikes and Repeaters.

Each weapon has its own feature with unique stats that are used when needed. Check the menu on the weapon stats to find out who to use them against.

  • Sword – Great entry level weapon that can be very strong against monsters
  • War pikes – Allows combos when fighting monsters.
  • Chain blades – Only weapon to allow dual melee wielding
  • Repeaters – offer mid-range damage with unique fighting styles
  • Hammers – Although the slower weapon, it inflicts the most damage then the other weapons
  • Axes – Great mid-range weapon but is slower than the repeaters.

Out of all the weapons, most players use the War Pike due to its well-rounded range and damage specs. It’s great to break up monster parts for collecting items when defeating a monster. Some players say it’s tricky and one of the hardest weapons to get used to, but once learned, it is the weapon to use to maximize damage output. (It also helps that it’s one of the most visual pleasing weapon types that looks flashy while attacking.)

Dauntless Monsters

Dauntless - Monsters

The monsters are made to look something that comes from this earth but with a little tweak. They resemble earthly animals that we are used to, but the designs make them looks as if they came from another planet.

Each monster has unique attack patterns and styles that you must learn to avoid taking big damage. This makes each monster harder to attack as you must strategize on how to attack and kill it. This is where knowing your weapon combos come into play and knowing how to dodge-and-roll around the monsters, which helps with save the HP bar.

When dodging, you can roll through the monsters to get out of their attack range if you know when to time it correctly. This is very important because each weapon has different winding times when making a crucial blow. You don’t want to be in the middle of a wind up and get hit by the monsters. Therefore, the unique style and game play must be strategized with perfect timing. (Practice makes perfect)

Behemoth Slayer – (Multiplayer)

Dauntless - Multiplayer

Dauntless has multiplayer capability that can be played through cross-platform consoles. As of right now, the game is available on PC, Xbox, and Playstation which achieve awesome cross platform game play. There is a 2-color guide so no one player looks a-like on the same team.

While jumping into matchmaking, you instantly get thrown into game play that lasts about 10 minutes. The best thing we found about this game is that it is straight forward and you start killing monsters immediately. This allows for a full 10 minute of pure exiting battles.


Dauntless has earned a great achievement in play style and imagery. The cross-platform multiplayer capability is a huge plus that enhances the chances of playing with friends. The lack of item crafting doesn’t bother us as the game’s battle system makes up for it.

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